About Myself

Michael Whiteley, North London Counselling, Lyttleton Court, Lyttleton Road, London N2 0EBMy working career mainly consisted of owning and managing landscape and gardening businesses.

My career took a complete 360 degree turn when I realized I had personal issues that had never been dealt with.

Attempting to “move the furniture around” did not help!  I needed to look elsewhere.

Along with counselling and other support in my life, I eventually obtained a degree in counselling.  I went from external to internal Landscaping.  The work I do is rewarding!

Through my life experience I have gained some wisdom which you may find supportive. So often there is a belief held that it’s best to go it alone.  What I have discovered in having support is it can make all the difference between living an isolated, lonely and unfulfilled life to one that includes others and is fulfilling!

As a guideline, the following are my qualifications, learnings and experiences:

Diploma in Counselling-Gestalt
Humanistic Counselling Skills Certificate-Gestalt
Facilitator’s Certificate, British Association for Anger Management (BAAM)
Colour Therapy
Landmark Forum and advanced training
Educo Wilderness course
CBT Training
Inner Mentor training given by Journeyman UK
Goals and Mission work Training
Leadership Training
Diversity Awareness
Lead Facilitator Certification in running life skills group work
Facilitating one to one counselling sessions.

michaelwhitelyAnd I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP): I work within and abide by the ethical code of the BACP.