About Counselling

How Are You Feeling Today?

We all experience an array of feelings in our lives. Some of these we like and accept – these might include joy, happiness, pleasure, and so on – and some we hide, repress and deny – anger, depression, fear sadness, shame, grief, to name but a few.

And when emotions are repressed, they are kept inside where they fester away, come out inappropriately, and even cause disease. In short, they shape our personalities and influence how we act, how we behave, and how we relate to our world.

My approach is to make friends with these hidden feelings by allowing them out into the open to see the stories and experiences they have to tell.

As we work together, and you come to gradually accept these hidden parts of yourself, a kind of “unravelling” will happen – an unfolding which allows you to discover a way forward and enables you to lay the past to rest.

What Does Counselling Involve?

Have you ever gone into a room of people, started talking to someone and noticed you don’t like them or you’re in awe of them (or scared of them)? And it doesn’t even have to be a room of people, it could be with your wife, husband, partner, friend.

More often than not, this is because there is something in you that you cannot feel and may not even know about, but which makes you react to them. You just have a reaction, a funny feeling.

This goes on all the time, over and over again. You think the usual scenario is to blame, but you wonder why you find yourself in the same type of situation so often.

When you start to own these repressed and abandoned parts, you may quickly begin to take responsibility for your own life so you’re not governed by someone else!

And so my approach in counselling would be to look at you as a whole person; how you are in the world, how you react, and what lies beneath the surface, so you can make sense of what is happening in your life.

I may challenge you at times – but always from a place which can inspire you to take responsibility for your life and help you create it as you want it to be. Our time together is like rebuilding a puzzle, but working with all the parts, not just some of them.

Besides long-term counselling, I also provide brief or open-ended sessions; we can discuss the best approach before we start working together.

Comments from one client:

In the conversations over the past year, Michael has provided a safe space in which I was able voice my experiences and receive solid support when times were hard.

From the moment we first met he was very insightful; his deep listening and a few wise remarks have helped me open to parts of myself of which I was not previously aware.

I experienced a lot of love and blessing in our interactions, which really helped me to grow through a hard time. However, Michael also encourage to find my own self blessing which has grown within me since our conversations began.